Making the Most of Meh


Meh.  That pretty much up sums up my day.  It wasn’t bad.  It wasn’t good.  It was meh.  As I wrote to my special friend in an earlier text, “I’m just feeling stuck with personal and professional goals, and I am not sure how to get ‘unstuck’.  Sharing how I felt with my special friend resulted in this wise reply, “Take at least on e positive step towards your personal and professional goals.”  So, I did, and I also did something positive for some other people along the way.

Taking my special friend’s advice, here are the steps I took toward reaching my goals, and taking even the smallest of steps helped me to make the most of a ‘meh’ day:

  • In order to reach my fitness and weight loss goals, I went grocery shopping after work and stocked up on plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, etc.  I now have lots of healthy choices for meals and snacks to support my physical goals.
  • In my quest to become a professional writer, I bookmarked some information about blogging and getting published to review this weekend.
  • Regarding a personal situation that sometimes gives me pause, I adopted, “My faith is greater than my worry, and everything happens for my greater good.”  This simple statement helps me to let go of the fear and worry that can lead me back into the darkness of depression and anxiety.

Throughout the day, I found ways to do some positive things for a number of different people, which felt every bit as good or better than what I was able to do for myself:

  • In response to the kind note that one of the gentlemen at the day shelter for homeless men gave me, I wrote him a ‘thank you’ note and presented it to him.  The large grin on his face was priceless!
  • I sent a surprise to one of my favorite people for no reason other than I wanted this person to know that I am so proud of who they are.  I would say more, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise!
  • I bought a birthday gift for my Mom, which I know she will thoroughly enjoy.

While it was a meh day overall, it had moments of greatness, and I will continue to follow my special friend’s advice and take even more steps toward reaching my goals tomorrow.  It is sure to be more marvelous than meh, if I do.

Just one thing each day . . .


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  1. One step at a time and I have no doubt you will get there my friend! I felt so overwhelmed when I started my goal on Friday of reorganizing my scrapbook/quilting supplies, but I kept at it, even if was sorting through a box and finally yesterday I saw real progress and this afternoon its nearly done. Or at least done enough to where I can relax and know I only have a few more things to do before I am finished.
    I have said it before, you’ve got this! And I look forward to seeing/hearing about your professional writing. 😉


    • It is so funny that you mentioned scrapbooking and getting organized, as I need to do the same thing! I am starting to wonder if we are either one in the same person or long lost twins who were separated at birth:) I hope to follow lead your lead with this task, among others. . .


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