The Thrill of Victory, The Agony of Defeat


Yesterday’s feeling of ‘meh’ gave way to feeling much more energetic and positive today, and my improved mood and attitude made it much easier for me to find ways to do kind things for myself and others.  Earlier this week, I posted a note on the “That’s Another Story” Facebook page that said, “I love the domino effect that making one healthy/positive choice can lead to in my daily life. . .”  Today, I was reminded of that in spades, as one good choice multiplied into lots of good choices across the board, and as the day comes to an end, I am feeling much more content and happy than I did a mere twenty-four hours ago.  What a difference a day makes indeed, and I was glad to be able to make a positive difference in my life and the life of one other person.

As I made my way through this beautiful Saturday, I felt great on every level, and I was able to get a lot of tasks finished, yet I also had time to take for myself to relax with my daughters and to read.  When I reflected on what was different today, compared to the past few days when I didn’t feel at my best, I realized two obvious contributing factors-a healthy diet and exercise.  When I begin my day with exercise, it gives me a physical and mental boost of energy, and it also motivates me to make healthier food and beverage choices.  Since I made the commitment to myself and to my special friend that I would reach my fitness and weight goals by Halloween, it felt good to keep my word to myself and to him by doing all of the things that I know will help me reach those goals.  I may have only been competing against myself, but I still felt a sense of victory.

Unfortunately, my younger daughter’s volleyball team did not experience that same victorious feeling, as they experienced their first loss of the regular season today.  They were defeated by both a good team and their own unforced errors, and this loss afforded them the chance to improve their skills for the rest of the season and me the opportunity to do something kind for one of her teammates.  When the game ended, the team was disappointed, but they left the court already talking about how they would work harder and play better the next time.  Well, that was what the majority of the team was saying, except for one girl.

As I waited for my daughter, one of her teammates was walking in my direction in absolute tears.  He parents were not there, and even though I do not know this particular girl very well, I instinctively hugged her and asked her what was wrong.  She was sobbing and explained that she felt that the loss was her fault, which was not true at all.  I hugged her for a bit and then tried to comfort her by reminding her that they win as a team and lose as a team.  I focused on all that she had done well and that they would use this loss to get even better, but most of all, I just hugged her.  I kept reassuring her and hugging her until her mom arrived, and when I gave her one last hug, she smiled slightly and thanked me.  The loss was tough, but she is tougher.

Just one thing each day . . .

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  1. Oh how I understand and can relate to competing with myself, hooray for your victory! 🙂


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