Love Thy Neighbor


Since childhood, I have been so fortunate to always have the absolute best neighbors, and my good fortune definitely has continued in our current neighborhood.  This evening, our family was the recipient of a random act of kindness that left us with grateful hearts and full stomachs, and I wanted to share this story as way a to acknowledge my wonderful neighbors, Norma and Todd, and to remind everyone, myself included, that kindness really does make a positive difference in the world, or at the very least, in our very own neighborhood.

If you have ever had an anxiety attack, you know that when the anxiety subsides, it leaves you feeling like you have a hangover of sorts.  After my recent bout of anxiety, I have felt the effects of this anxiety “hangover”, along with the remnants of my recent cold, which made a very busy day of work, my oldest daughter’s allergy shot appointment, both daughters’ school conferences, homework, my youngest daughter’s volleyball practice, and household tasks feel even longer and more hectic.  By the time I arrived home this evening, I was ready to relax, but I still had dinner to make, or so I thought.

As I was talking with my mom on the phone and putting something in the recycling bin in our garage, I looked up to see our neighbor, Norma, standing there with a large box.  At first, I thought that a package for me had been delivered to their home and that she was being kind enough to deliver it to us, but I was wrong.  Norma handed me the box and announced, “Here’s your dinner.”  It took me a minute to process what she said, but once it registered, I smiled big time, thanked her, and gave her an appreciative hug.  Then, as quickly as she appeared, she disappeared across the street.  My eyes welled up with happy tears when I read the beautiful card that was included that said that she and her husband were thinking of us and glad that we are their neighbors.

That delicious casserole and fresh fruit made for a great dinner for my ex-husband, our daughters, and myself, and we all talked about how much this kind gesture meant to us.  It was more than a meal.  It was a thoughtful gesture that made us feel cared about and appreciated.  It was a reminder that there are very gracious and kind people who do nice things for others for no special reason at all, as there doesn’t need to be a special reason to be kind.  It was as an act of random kindness that helped reduce my stress and anxiety.  It was a reason for our family to spend some time together.  It was a reminder that there is always someone and something for which to give thanks.  It was a reminder that good neighbors still exist, and we definitely are grateful for ours!

That’s another story . . .


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  1. Awe what a wonderful neighborhood to be in! I still miss my old neighbor(s) the neighborhood has not been the same since they moved.


  2. This is a fantastic story. It is a wonderful feeling to know that kindness does really exist and to be on the receiving of it once in a while. It truly does nurture one’s soul.


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