Pretty Ugly


Earlier today, I made a comment to two of the volunteers at the day shelter for homeless men where I work that the interactions with the men are nothing if not educational and, at times, unintentionally entertaining.  Mere hours later, I ended my day experiencing the latter.  As I walked to my car, one of our older guests greeted me warmly and then said that he needed to tell me something.  As I paused to talk with him, he leaned in closer, lowered his voice, discreetly motioned to some women standing at the nearby bus stop, and said, “Let me share something with you, and I want you to remember this.”  He paused for dramatic effect, and I held my breath in anticipation for what words of wisdom he was ready to share with me.  Then, he said in a quiet, almost reverent, voice, “You just need to thank God that you aren’t ugly.”  With those words hanging in the air, he continued on his way, and I mulled over what he had said.

Irregardless, of how I view myself, which is usually with a harsh, critical eye, especially when it come to my physical appearance and attributes, it is nice to know that someone thinks that I should be grateful for not being ugly.  It was pretty funny indeed. .  .

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4 replies

  1. That would be a plus for the day, if it was said to me .


  2. Oh my…I have had that said to me as well….


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