Riding the Storm Out


This morning, my wake up call was the sound of a heavy downpour of rain and claps of thunder that shook my home.  As I lingered in bed listening to the raging storm outside, I also took note of the  storm that was developing in my mind, and I had to decide how I wanted to deal with this internal conflict.  When I threw back my covers, I threw myself into doing whatever I could to do something positive for myself and others.

For myself, I engaged in the things that bring me a sense of peace and happiness:

  • I sipped my favorite ginger green tea and read Joel Osteen’s book, “Break Out”, as I curled up in my favorite spot on the couch with the rain falling right outside my window.
  • I meditated, not once, but twice, today, which is nothing short of a miracle for this meditation reject!  As difficult as it is to still my mind, I found that today’s meditation practice left me feeling calmer and safer in my own skin.
  • I prayed for the desires of my heart to come to pass, and I held strong to my faith.
  • I did a challenging interval workout that left me feeling stronger and more energetic.
  • I chose to consume healthy foods and drinks that supported my health and wellness goals and left me feeling really good.
  • I laughed with friends.
  • I allowed myself another good cry and a brief pity party before I pulled myself together.

In addition to taking care of myself, I also made efforts to reach out to help others :

  • I cheered for my youngest daughter and her teammates at their basketball game this afternoon.
  • I prayed for my family and friends, especially my special friend.
  • I honored my special friend’s request for how I could best help him at the moment.
  • I gathered food to donate to the local Dare to Care organization to help a family in need this Thanksgiving.

I ended up doing more than one thing today to make a positive difference in my life and the lives of others, as some days require more of an effort than others, but it was worth it.  For as the storm continues outside, the internal one has subsided.

Just one thing each day . . .

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5 replies

  1. Hang in there! You are a great lady, Kristi!

  2. I like the fact that you allowed yourself to cray and have a self-pity party. We all need that sometimes. We cannot be positive all the time.. It has taken me a long time to realise that and ever since I have (and allowed myself my self-pity “moments”, I have been overall a lot better).

    • Elizabeth, I finally have figured out that I am capable of expressing my feelings without letting them overwhelm me sometimes, and I am focused on finding a balance. I worked out this morning, worked diligently all day, and allowed myself to dissolve into tears for a bit when I arrived home. Now, I am indulging in some quiet time at home, and even though I don’t feel fantastic, I am not a mess, either. Thanks for understanding, as it helps!

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