My Kind of Weekend


It is not even five o’clock, and I already find myself wearing one of my favorite pairs of fleece pajamas, curled up in a blanket, and sipping hot ginger tea.  I am not sick.  I am quite simply cozy and content on a frigid afternoon.

When I sat down to write this post, I smiled when I saw that the tag on my tea bag says, “Work, but don’t forget to live”, as that has been the theme of this weekend, especially today.  Sunday has become a pivotal day of the week for me, because it is the last impression for the weekend and is the first impression for the week that is beginning.  So, I take Sundays seriously, in that I want to make it a day that allows me to do something that ends and begins the week on a positive note for myself and for at least one other person.  Here is where I focused my energy today:

  • I accepted an invitation from John, a dear friend of mine, who asked me to accompany him to Churchill Downs for an afternoon of horse racing.  This truly is one of my ‘happy places’, and it did me a world of good to eat, drink, bet, and be merry with John, instead of spending my planned day of solitude working on a presentation and doing household chores.  I needed and deserved to have some fun, and I came away feeling re-energized and happy, not to mention a bit richer after hitting a long shot!
  • I took care of some family members’ cats and home while they were on a trip.  They offered to have their neighbor housesit for them, but I did it instead, as they have helped me so much, so, I wanted to do something to return the favor.
  • When I was out in public, I smiled brightly, spoke kindly, and displayed good manners whenever I interacted with others.  My efforts to be kind to everyone I met were intensified when I witnessed how dismissive, rude, and unkind people can be to one another, just because they are strangers.  Everyone matters, whether you know them or not, so, proceed with kindness.
  • I recommitted myself to the dreams and desires that God entrusted to me to bring to reality, and I reaffirmed my faith in God to bring them to pass.  My spirituality is a work in progress, and I continue to strengthen my relationship with God.  I don’t always know how to define God or my relationship with Him, but I do know it is a relationship that I want and need.  I cannot walk on this journey and fulfill my goals on my own.
  • I sent a donation to a local organization to help them continue to do some good for the people in our community.

This day is not over, but it is ending on a great note, which bodes well for the rest of the week.

Just one thing each day . . .

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8 replies

  1. Once again….Your AWESOME!!


  2. Kristii,
    Sounds like you had a great day. It is getting cold here as well, and keeping my fireplace lit all day made it everything warm, cozy and just rigjht.
    Nice to be able to take time and appreciate Sundays in the South. Enjoyed reading your post and it contributed to making my day enjoyable.


  3. What an awesome day for you! Sounds really special.


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