Saying ‘Yes”!


My oldest daughter has been ill ever since she returned from a family trip two days ago, and she woke up feeling worse, not better, this morning.  So, the week did not start off exactly as I had planned.  That said, I still have been able to carry out my plan to make a positive difference for myself and for others today, and I have done so by looking for ways to say, “Yes”, to opportunities to practice ways to be kind to myself and others.

Even though there is still plenty of hours left in the day, I have said a resounding “yes” a number of times already:

  • Yes, to exercise This is one of the best ways to care for myself on a physical and emotional level, as it helps me to look good and to feel good.
  • Yes to making healthy food and drink choices!  The foods and drinks I consume have an impact on how I feel and look inside and out, and I am learning to balance my diet, so, that it is not feast or famine.
  • Yes to beginning my day with daily meditations!  Currently, I am reading daily readings from both Melody Beattie’s “The Language of Letting Go” and Joel Osteen’s “I Declare” for a heaping dose of healthy perspective and positivity.
  • Yes to being with my child!  Ever since returning to the workforce full-time, like many parents, I have struggled with balancing home and work responsibilities.  Too often, I feel like I say “yes” to work more than I do my daughters.  So, when my oldest daughter was in tears, because she felt so sick, I knew that I needed to say “yes” to staying home with her to give her lots of TLC.
  • Yes to remembering my friends and family during the holidays!  Christmas may not be one of my favorite holidays, but I do like being able to surprise others with a thoughtful gift.  Thankfully, Cyber Monday made this easier and less expensive to do today.
  • Yes to expressing gratitude!  Showing someone that you are grateful goes beyond good manners and politeness, although I am a huge fan of both.  It means being sincere and speaking from the heart to let someone know that you truly appreciate what they said or did or for being who they are.  I had the chance to thank a colleague who sent me a wonderful e-mail to start my day for both the message and for being such a bright light in this world.

As the day continues, I will continue to look for more chances to say “yes’ to doing some good in the world.

Just one thing each day . . .


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  1. Fantastic inspiration for me today. Thanks 🙂


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