Leave ‘Em Laughing


Today marks the third day in a row that a nasty virus has held my oldest daughter hostage.  A trip to the pediatrician ruled out a slew of illnesses, leaving the all-encompassing “virus” as the official diagnosis.  Despite the confines of the walls of our home, I found one thing to do that left both my daughter and myself in stitches.

When describing myself, I often say, “I am nothing if not entertaining”, as I have a knack for making others smile and laugh with my stories and antics.  Since laughter is considered the best medicine, I made sure my daughter and I had a heaping dose of it throughout the day.  My daughter’s belly laugh, like her virus, is contagious, and it truly is one of my favorite sounds.  She has not had much to smile and laugh about these last few days, so, I decided to give her reason to do both.

Armed with my arsenal of silly faces, crazy dance moves, and goofy jokes, I set out to entertain my captive audience.  At the first sign of her sullen face giving way to a little grin, I was off and running, as smiles and the sound of laughter motivate me more than the sound of applause.  The minute she giggled, I knew I had her, and I knocked myself out making her laugh, all the while making an utter fool of myself in the process.  I didn’t care, though, because she loved it!  Not too long after her laughter subsided, and she was curled up next to me, she remarked, “Thanks for taking care of me, and making me feel better, Mom.”  Mission accomplished!

As much as I enjoy making other people laugh and smile, I also appreciate when someone can do the same for me.  After my caregiving duties ended this evening, I settled in for some laughs, courtesy of my recorded episodes of Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” and Stephen Colbert’s “The Colbert Report”.  Jon and Stephen both are sharp-witted and smart, and they provided me with a  much-needed break.  I found myself laughing out loud during both programs, with Stephen making me laugh until I cried.  It felt good to laugh like that, and the sound of my own laughter was music to my ears.

Just one thing each day . . .

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6 replies

  1. Two of my favorites as well. Laughter is better than the latter.


  2. I love both those shows. I must say that your vibrant nature and lightheartedness does shine through in your posts. Maybe one day, we will actually meet in person. That would certainly make my day.. 🙂


    • Elizabeth, I am both glad and relieved that my humor does come through, as I know that some of my writing tends to be much more serious or darker than I am actually. I am known for my smile and sense of humor, and I hope that now that I am in a better place that I can show more of that. My dream is visit Australia one day, and meeting you would make that trip extra special indeed:)


  3. Being a Mom is so much easier when we have the talent to make laughter erupt from our kids. I skyped with my son and granddaughters last night and had him laughing in no time. I love that sound. Hope she is feeling better soon.


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