Starting and Ending Monday on a Good Note


While Monday may not be my favorite day of the week, I also tend to feel a bit sorry for it, as it is much maligned by most of the free world.  Since Monday continues to show up on a weekly basis, I have made peace with it by purposely planning as many positive and pleasant things as possible to make it less manic or mundane.  As I look back on what I did today for myself and one special gentleman, I can say that Monday started and ended on a good note indeed.

To kick off my Monday and keep it running smoothly, here are some of the things that I put into play throughout the day:

  • Worked out on my elliptical trainer to get my heart pumping
  • Read my morning meditations to replace the negative thoughts with positive ones and to set my intentions for the day
  • Treated myself to Starbucks’ Zen Green Tea, a venti one no less
  • Discovered the “meditation channel” on Pandora and was soothed by the most tranquil music while I worked
  • Enjoyed the refreshing scent of my Aveda candle in my office
  • Engaged in laughter with my colleagues
  • Took time to eat lunch
  • Enjoyed homemade vegetable beef soup for a family dinner with my ex-husband and our daughters
  • Soaked up the lessons offered up in Stephen Cope’s “The Great Work of Your Life”
  • Spent time relishing the sound of my daughters’ chatter and giggles

Not too shabby for a Monday, if I do say so myself.  What I was able to do for another person was truly my favorite thing to do today, though.  In a past post, Noteworthy, I introduced one of the gentlemen at the day shelter for homeless men where I work.  I affectionately refer to him as “my Stan Man”, and in the past, he would slip me pieces of paper with simple requests for basic items, such as socks and underwear.  Lately, though, he has begun writing me short notes of gratitude and praise, peppered with questions, such as how my daughters are doing in school and what is the origin of my last name.  In today’s age of impersonal electronic communication, these handwritten notes are priceless to me.  Apparently, they mean a lot to my Stan Man, as well.

In today’s note, Stan again showered me with words of thanks, and one of the things that he was grateful for was the fact that I always write him a note in return.  The fact that these brief responses mean something to him truly warm my heart, so, even though I had a sinus headache and was more than ready to call it a day, when I saw his unanswered note on my desk, I knew that there was only one thing I could do.  I sat back down and wrote my own heartfelt note back to Stan, thanking him for his thoughtfulness and concern, letting him know that my daughters are doing very well in school this year, and that my last name is Polish.  I left the note at the front desk to greet him when he comes back tomorrow, and knowing that this will begin his day on a good note helps to end my day on an even better note.

Just one thing each day . . .

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4 replies

  1. Sounded like you had a productive and fun Monday! =) Definitely not a mundane Monday, yay!! ❤ I'm so glad you had time to enjoy the simple things in life, such as listening to your daughter's chatter, that sounds so nice!!
    Here's to a terrific Tuesday!!


  2. You certainly have achieved and exceeded your own goal of ‘one thing each day’.
    I admire you.


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