Throw the Book at Him


As many things as my special friend and I share in common, there are some definite ways in which we differ.  He is a Yankee, while I am a southerner.  He tends to be more introverted, while I am more extroverted.  He shuns books, while I savor them.

Irregardless of our differences, we still take an interest in the things that we do not have in common, or at least we have mastered the art of feigning an interest in them, and we usually find a common ground.  So, this morning, when I was excitedly sharing some of the highlights of Stephen Cope’s “The Great Work of Your Life”, one of them being the pursuit of finding one’s purpose in life, my special friend, joined the discussion by saying, “Oh, like Joel Osteen’s “The Purpose Driven Life”.”  I corrected him by saying, “No, that’s Rick Warren, not Joel Osteen”, and without even a pause, he matter-of-factly concluded with, “Whatever. Different person, same shit.”  With that, we close another chapter . . .

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