A Bouquet of Kindness

4f03bcd4f1314de3c625deac5596ca8fAfter 12 days off of work, my alarm clock was even more jarring when it alerted me that it was time to wake up and return to my daily routine.  While I wanted to burrow deep under the covers and hit snooze an infinite amount of times, I summoned up the excitement I felt when I woke up to a new year yesterday and set out to do some good in the world.

Even though I resumed my daily routine, I made sure to pepper it with the things that nurture my body, heart, mind, and baby soul.  I read my daily meditation and prayed to start my day off with the right attitude and to get in a positive frame of mind, and I did an interval workout to boost my energy and to strengthen my body.  Throughout the day, I took time to eat foods to nourish and refuel my body, and I drank plenty of ginger tea to keep warm and cozy.  I also took care to stay focused on the present and to tame my negative thoughts, and when I felt my mood begin to dip and my spirits begin to sag, I made sure to breathe and be grateful for all I have in my life.  All of these little things added up to a smooth first day back to reality.

I took delight in ordering a cheerful, bright bouquet of flowers to send to my sweet friend who is in the fight of her life dealing with the recurrence of cancer.  While the flowers won’t cure her, I do hope that they cheer her up a bit and remind her that she is loved and cared about by so many people.  I may not be able to be with her physically, but I wanted her to know that I am with her in spirit and that she is not alone.

So, I had the opportunity to help myself and my friend, and that is what made it a very good day indeed.  I can hardly wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Just one thing each day . . .

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