I Get By with a Lot of Help from My Friends


Among the greatest gifts and blessings in my life would have to be my diverse group of friends.  I am fortunate enough to have cultivated friendships, some literally that began the day I was born, and others that only recently developed and flourished.  Regardless of how I came to meet my friends or how long I have known them, they each add something of value to my life.  On this quiet Saturday, several friends were part of my quest to do something positive for myself and for others.

I began my day by spending time one-on-one with two women whom I admire and respect immensely, both professionally and personally, and that investment of my time with each of them was far and away the best thing that I did for myself today.  I spent part of my morning soaking up the wit and wisdom of my sage friend and mentor, Trude, who patiently listened to me as I talked about battling back from a recent recurrence of anxiety and depression and offered support and tough love to help me see things from a healthier perspective.  She never tells me what I want to hear; she always tells me what I need to hear, and trust me, I hear her.

I then spent part of the afternoon with another extraordinary friend, Mindy, who is a genuine and gracious kindred spirit who understands what I both say and do not say, and she, too, is a straight shooter whose words are able to penetrate the chatter of my mind to reach the core of my being.  Mindy presented me with what could be a life changing opportunity that gave me hope about a situation that has weighed heavily on my mind.  This was a reminder that sharing my struggles, hopes, and dreams with positive people can result in unexpected insights and answers.

In return, I was able to be a friend to two other people in two very different ways.  For one friend, I was able to listen and to offer support to him during a very difficult time.  I was not able to alter the troubling situation, but I was able to let him know that I was there for him, which I know from my own experiences, can be powerful when you feel alone with your problems.  For another friend, I did nothing, in that, as much as I felt like reaching out to offer my help, I realized that this could be harmful rather than helpful, given this particular friend and the situation at hand.  In this case, doing nothing really was for the best.

So, it ended up being a great day to be a friend to myself and to others, and I thank Mindy, Trude, and my two other friends whom I tried to help for being part of my life.

Just one thing each day . . .


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