Living the Dream


Today, my two daughters were off of school in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, so, I took the day off of work to spend with them.  While we had some fun exploring some of our favorite local spots, we also had a poignant talk about Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement.  Trying to explain racism, segregation, and discrimination to two innocent girls proved to be more of a daunting task than I ever imagined, as they could not wrap their minds around the fact that anyone would be denied equal rights based on their race.  It was a difficult conversation that led to the three of us talking about ways that we could serve others and then beginning to put actions behind our words.  Here is what we did today:

  • We donated some gently used and new clothing and books to a local organization that serves families in need.
  • We made cards and bought some humorous gifts for a beloved friend who is experiencing health problems.
  • We donated money to our church that has a very active social justice ministry.
  • We gathered some donations for the day shelter for homeless men where I am employed.

Looking ahead, as serving others is not limited to one day out of the year, the girls also suggested the following actions to take:

  • Be kind to others by “smiling at them and saying nice things to them”.
  • “Telling the teacher or you or Dad when we see someone being mean to another person.”
  • “Giving some of our money to people who need it.”
  • “Sticking up for someone who is being bullied.”

We ended this day by sharing what we each had written in our gratitude journals and by remembering Dr. King and vowing to do our part in helping his dream come true.  He had a dream and so do we.

Just one thing each day . . .

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6 replies

  1. Beautiful post and what a beautiful lesson you explained to your girls ❤ ❤ I'm glad you had a wonderful day, Kristi!!! ❤


  2. You are one incredible woman and Mom. Your girls are going to grow up to be kind compassionate women who accept other for who they truly are and not the color of their skin. Good job Kristi Jo…


    • Sheila, I appreciate your comments more than you can imagine, as being a good mother and role model to my daughters is something that means a great deal to me. I am so proud of both of them, and I know that they will do so much good in the world.


  3. You are a fantastic role model for your children and these are such worthy values that you are instilling in them.


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