Giving a Hand


As self-sufficient and independent as I strive to be, I learned a long time ago that sometimes I need a helping hand.  I also learned that as important as it is to know when to ask for help for myself, it as important to know when to help someone else.  Today, I was able to put both of these lessons into action.

After stumbling out of the 2014 starting gate, I knew that the best way to get back on track was to turn to the people I trust to ask for their help, and that’s exactly what I did. For even if I know what I need to do, sometimes, knowing something and doing something are two very different things.  So, today, I checked in with my sweet and wise friend, Mary, to give her an update on one of the goals I am working on right now.  I am so fortunate that Mary continues to be a source of support for me in my personal and professional endeavors, because she helps me to be more accountable.  Once I have told her that I am going to take a step toward reaching my goal, it motivates me even more to do it, and when I struggle, I know that she will listen to me and tell me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear.  Ultimately, I am accountable to myself and am the only one who can do what is necessary to reach my goals, and having people like Mary in my life is definitely part of what it takes for me to thrive.  Thank you, Mary!

This evening, I fielded a message from someone looking for a family member at the day shelter for homeless men where I work.  We can neither confirm or deny who is a guest at the day shelter, and I could have left it at that when I responded, but I didn’t.  I know how frustrating it is when you seek help, only to be turned down or told what will not work or what cannot be done, so, I focused on what I could do to assist her.  I took her family member’s name and her contact information, and I explained to her that we could leave a message for him to contact her, in the event that he is a guest.  I also gave her a list of local homeless service providers to contact about her family member, and I offered her some words of support.  So, even though, I was unable to give her the answer she sought about the whereabouts of her family member, she still expressed appreciation for what I was able to do for her.  I have been fortunate to have people who have gone out of their to help me, so, it felt good to do the same for this person tonight.  We all need a helping hand from time to time.

Just one thing each day . . .


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