Three Cheers


When I woke up on this spring-like Saturday, little did I know that part of my day would involve being someone’s “sunshine”.  Throughout the day, I had the opportunity to cheer up some people who mean so very much to me, and I also found ways to add some good cheer to my own life.  Here is how I was a “cheerleader”, sans the pom poms . .  .

  • When I took stock of what I did and did not do well during the first month of the new year, I devised a plan for February that has left me feeling inspired and re-energized.  It may be the shortest month of the year, but it’s the perfect amount of time to make some more meaningful changes and to support the positive direction my life is going.  Stay tuned for more about how the month with the fewest number of days will be the month with greatest number of opportunities to thrive in 2014.
  • When I received a message from my dear friend, Donna, who was sad about some disappointing news, I sent her a basket of pretty flowers to brighten her day and to let her know that even though we are separated by hundreds of miles that I am still there for her.  Donna is the person who taught me that happiness is a choice, and I have marveled at how she chooses to be happy in her own life and been inspired to follow her lead in my own life.  On a day when choosing happiness proved to be a little difficult for her, I was more than happy to give her a boost. 
  • When I was tempted to put off exercising and eating well until tomorrow, I got out of my own way and did what needed to be done.  When I finished the 10K program on my elliptical trainer and made healthy and nutritious dietary decisions, I felt all the better on every level.
  • When one of my best friends, Wood, had to stay in the hospital another day after his surgery, I took my daughters to visit him this evening to cheer him up.  We bought him some books to read during his long recovery, and we did our best to entertain him while we were there, and given the grin on his face, I would say that we did just that.
  • When some negative thoughts darted across my mind, I stopped them dead in their tracks and replaced them with positive ones.  Not only were the replacement thoughts positive, they happened to be the truth.  It is said that the truth hurts, and while it most certainly can, I also would argue that the truth also can be healing and reassuring.  Too often, I have been my worst enemy and harshest critic, and today, I rediscovered that being my biggest cheerleader is one of the most important roles I have.
  • When my bad ass friend, Charlene, sent me a message reminding me that, sometimes, even bad asses need support, I responded with words of encouragement and empathy.  Like Donna, she lives too far away for me to be present physically for her, but I did what I could to shore her up and to be with her in spirit.  She has cheered me up countless times, and it was the least I could do for her tonight.

It has been many years since I donned a cheerleader’s uniform, but I think I was in fine form today indeed.  Three cheers for spreading some good cheer today!

Just one thing each day . . .


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  1. Kristi, you always cheer me up!


  2. I hope today finds you well my friend! ❤ I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award, should you choose to accept this award check out my post! and happy blogging!


  3. When my husband left me and I started writing about my journey from ‘we’ to ‘me’ somebody commented that true enlightenment shall come when I begin the journey from ‘me’ to ‘we’ (ie after finding myself, giving back to others). It seems that you are well and truly on that journey and you are inspirational.

    Good luck with you February plans. May you achieve what you set out to do.


    • Elizabeth, thank you for walking with me on this journey, as you have been such a source of support, motivation, and inspiration. I definitely feel less alone knowing that you and so many other awesome people like you are on their respective journeys and are finding their way from surviving to thriving. I feel like the pieces are coming together, so, let’s keep walking together!


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