Month: March 2014

March Madness

In Kentucky, basketball is king, and I am one of its many loyal subjects.  My parents moved to Kentucky from Minnesota two years prior to my birth, and they became University of Kentucky (UK) fans.  I don’t know why they were… Read More ›

1 + 1 =1

This week, we have been understaffed at the day shelter for homeless men where I work, so, less staff translates to more work for everyone.  So, we have all been very busy, which was noted by one gentleman this afternoon. … Read More ›

Running to Stand Still

Sun shining. Breeze blowing. Lungs burning and gasping for air. Feet running and stumbling. Bandana flying. Sweat pouring. Happy tears flowing. Music surrounding me. The woods acting as a cathedral. Spirits soaring. Deer appearing and representing innocence and gentleness. Mud… Read More ›

My Kind of Advice

If you read yesterday’s blog, “Closing the Revolving Door“, you know that I am dealing with the end of a significant relationship in my life, and that change has led to a swirl of thoughts and feelings.  Upon waking this… Read More ›