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If you read yesterday’s blog, “Closing the Revolving Door“, you know that I am dealing with the end of a significant relationship in my life, and that change has led to a swirl of thoughts and feelings.  Upon waking this morning, one of the first things I did was to re-read a message that my dear pal, Dawn, sent to me yesterday.  Here is an excerpt from her message:

“And I mean you being very kind to yourself. You have done nothing wrong. Perhaps you have loved to a fault. But there is absolutely no shame in loving with all you have and forgiving those you love. You gave honest, loving efforts and its over. That sucks. That’s hard to swallow. But you know what, do not beat yourself up over anything. Applaud yourself for loving. Pat yourself on the back for forgiving and giving it all you have. What you have done is be a good, honest, kind, loving human being. We need more of you in the world. Please realize what you did right in this relationship and be kind and gentle with yourself this week. Allow yourself to hurt and be angry, but realize the kindness you deserve from others and from yourself. You are human, with a tremendous amount of love to give. Allow yourself to be just exactly who you are. It’s perfect and genuine and it will be reciprocated by the right person. Just let it all go with all the anger you want and be kind to yourself for having loved intensely and honestly. I love you pal!”

Her words both touched my heart and permeated the negative thoughts that had taken root in my mind, and they were an absolute game changer for me.  The kindness that I showed myself made today a rather good one, and I was able to let go even more.  I cannot add too much more to this, other than to say how very grateful I am to have such an amazing friend in my life.  I shall carry her message with me always, and I shall always be just exactly who I am, as that is good enough.  I love you right back, Pal!

That’s another story . . .


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  1. Hey Kristi, just read the last couple days and I can’t add much more. Been there, done that. How is that? Honestly, I feel for you. You seem like such a sweet and giving person, this has to be a difficult time for you. Prayers to you from Deb up north. Hang in there and left those feeling out. I spent 35 years smiling for everyone else. I know have figured it out and those people are only around long enough for me to figure out that they need to go.


  2. And don’t comment after 2 old fashions, as one tends to misspell words like left/let and know/now. If I left any out, let me know. Lol…


  3. What a wonderful friend you have….. Big Hugs!


  4. What a wonderful friend you have. Treasure her and never let her go.
    Wishing you the best of courage to overcome this set-back.
    remember that in so many ways you have come a million miles this past 12 months and are an inspirational person. Kindness and empathy shine out from your writing. Those qualities and values are still inside of you. Never forget that.


    • Thank you, Elizabeth, and I am grateful for your support and wisdom, as well. She is a dear friend who makes me laugh and who brings me up when I am feeling down, and I love her dearly.

      Your kind words mean a lot to me, and I thank you. I am not perfect by a longshot, but I do my best. I am inspired by people like you who overcome obstacles with sheer determination, persistence, grace, and hope, and I promise to remember my own positive qualities, instead of focusing on my less than stellar ones. Onward we both go . . .


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