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This week, we have been understaffed at the day shelter for homeless men where I work, so, less staff translates to more work for everyone.  So, we have all been very busy, which was noted by one gentleman this afternoon.  As I rushed by him to complete a task, he chuckled and said, “Do you ever slow down?  You should have a twin.”  I joked that the world was not quite ready for two of me, to which he replied, “Well, if you put two of you together, you’d be a whole person.”

Irregardless of what this gentleman meant by his comment, it made me laugh, which always is a good thing.  I am sure that he meant it as some sort of compliment, right?  Right?!

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4 replies

  1. Take it as one! You know what you are.


  2. I am sure he did…they love you there!!


  3. Aw, Sheila, that’s sweet of you to say, and truth be told, I love them right back!


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