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Although I love movies, I don’t watch them nearly enough.  I will go through spurts when I see a number of movies in short amount of time, and then, a cinematic drought will set in.  Since becoming a parent, my excursions to the movie theater tend to revolve around taking my daughters to see the latest kid friendly fare.  That was the case today, but it also provided me the opportunity to do something kind for one of my best friends, Wood.

Wood mentioned last week that he wanted to go see “Mr. Peabody and Sherman”, as it was one of his favorite television shows as a boy, but he didn’t want to go see it alone.  So, this afternoon, my daughters and I treated Wood to the movie and some much-needed laughter and good conversation.  He has been such a dear friend to me for the past eleven years, and spending time with him is good for me, as he always is a bright spot on any given day.  Today was no exception.

So, while I treated Wood and my daughters to the movie, they, in turn, treated me to another great day.  Spending time with three people who mean the world to me and who bring out the best in me was the kindest thing that I could have done for myself on this gorgeous Saturday.  There’s always work to be done, but sometimes, a girl just wants to have fun.  And so I did.

Just one thing each day . . .


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  1. YAY! Movie days are always a great time, especially with people you love! ❤ My husband and I don't get to the movies that often due to the price, so we usually get Redbox rentals and make a movie date night at home. I'm glad you had a great time!! ❤


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