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When I Was Hungry, You Gave Me Food

by Kristi Jo Jedlicki

hands offering food

On a daily basis, the guests at the day shelter for homeless men where I work show me what it truly means to be unselfish and generous. Their kindness is one of the many reasons that I tell them that they are the finest gentlemen in all of Louisville. Last week, I was fortunate to bear witness to an act of kindness by two of Louisville’s finest gentlemen that touched my heart deeply.

We do not have kitchen facilities at the day shelter, so, we do not have the ability to serve any meals there. Sometimes, various community groups or individuals will drop off treats, such as doughnuts or sack lunches, for our guests, but we do not routinely have food on hand. Such was the case recently, when a young man asked me if we had anything…

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  1. Glad to see this guest post and the amazing story. How inspiring for these two gentlemen to give to someone in need when they are in need themselves. We all take so much for granted , but these men and this story remind us to take good care of our fellow man, and the selflessness and generosity they showed is astounding… Well done, KJ!


    • Heartfelt thanks for your beautiful words and support, Shannon! I constantly amazed by what I see, hear, and experience at work each day, and our guys have a way of putting everything into perspective. They are the unsung heroes who constantly inspire and motivate me to be more and to do more.


  2. Great story about kindness. We could all learn from this as we never know when we may need such a good-turn ourselves.


    • Elizabeth, I am so glad that you liked this and very much appreciate your kind words. Whenever I hear the stories of how our guys became homeless, I am reminded that it really could happen to any of us. They are a special group of gentlemen indeed.


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