Because I’m Happy


Today was another one of those impossibly gorgeous spring days that found me flying down my beloved River Road under a canopy of trees with their budding leaves that allowed the bright sunshine to stream through sporadically.  I had the windows rolled down and the music turned up, and every song that popped up on the radio was one of my favorites.  When I was singing along to U2’s “In God’s Country”, a song that always reminds me of Kentucky, I felt tears begin to pool in my eyes, even though I was smiling broadly.  They were happy tears.

As I continued to drive along, the tears slowly and silently rolled down my cheeks, but the smile remained.  The tears did not feel out-of-place, and neither did my smile.  They peacefully coexisted, and they were welcome companions on my Sunday drive.  In the past, whenever I have felt such pure joy, it has been in response to someone or something in my life, but not today.  No, today, I found myself happy and content simply because I continue to make the daily choice to be happy with who I am and with what I have.  I am perfectly flawed, as is my life, and finally, I have come to both understand and accept that life is good, as am I.

I continue to work on changing myself and the world one day at a time, and while some days are better than others, more and more, I take things as they come and make the most of them.  Instead of searching for people and things to complete my life, I welcome people and things into my life that complement my life.  There is a difference, and one that I finally have learned.  With knowledge comes both power and freedom that is far more blissful than ignorance.

That’s another story . . .

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  1. What an inspiring post Kristi Jo…I am working on being happy simply for the sake of being happy too. Having pretty good bout with my depression and anxiety. Your words truly resonated with me …


  2. Great post! You hit it right on the head with your last sentence. “With knowledge comes both power and freedom that is far more blissful than ignorance.” I am a living example of that and with age it becomes clearer.


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