Killing Cancer With Kindness

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Cancer, quite simply, sucks. It is a cunning, baffling, and formidable foe that strikes without warning and leaves its mark on all those it touches. I dipped my own toe in the cancer waters when I was diagnosed with an early stage of cervical cancer, but thanks to swift, excellent medical treatment, I escaped its grip unscathed and have been cancer free for almost fifteen years. Unfortunately, for a dear friend of mine, the battle rages on today.

Michelle was diagnosed with breast cancer about 18 months ago, and she fought back and kicked cancer to the curb. Or so we thought. This past December brought the dreaded news that the cancer had taken up residence in 8 of her lymph nodes, and so began the renewed physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual fight, in addition to more rounds of chemotherapy. No-one deserves this, especially someone who is as amazing as…

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