Month: July 2014

Pen Pals

Originally posted on Kindness Blog:
The Write Stuff As I wrapped up another long day at work this evening, I was more than ready to head home, but there was one more very important piece of paperwork that I needed…

Release Me

Sometimes, when my life is going smoothly, rather than this being a sign that everything is fine, it seems to be an ominous warning that chaos is about to ensue.  I found this to be true earlier this week, when… Read More ›

A Cup of Kindness

Originally posted on Kindness Blog:
Random Acts of Kindness It seems like social media gets a bad rap for increasingly becoming a platform for bullying, gossiping, spreading negativity, etc., and some days, I would tend to agree.  Today definitely is…


Every day when I am taking a shower and getting dressed, I cannot help but notice the visible scars that dot my body.  I earned my first scars, thanks to the chicken pox virus that my two older sisters exposed… Read More ›

The Laundry Room

At the day shelter for homeless men where I am privileged to work, there are countless moments of immense joy and heartbreaking sorrow experienced by the nearly 200 men who walk through our doors each day.  Some of these men come… Read More ›

Walk On

Originally posted on Kindness Blog:
Walk On Yet again, I found myself being taught what it means to be both grateful and giving by one of the gentlemen who visit the day shelter for homeless men where I work. Recently,…