Month: August 2014

Live In Peace

Yesterday, Robin Williams’ spark was extinguished, and his death has impacted me in ways that I cannot begin to enumerate.  On a superficial level, I am truly saddened that the world has lost a comedic genius and big-hearted philanthropist, as… Read More ›

The River

  I have written many times about the therapeutic drives that I take along River Road, but as I made this familiar drive this evening, it occurred to me that I never have written about the body of water for… Read More ›

Around the Corner

Words are powerful.  I have been fascinated by words in both their spoken and written form since I was a little girl, which may explain my love of reading and gabbing.  Some words resonate with me immediately and their importance is… Read More ›

Down on the Farm

Yesterday morning, when my sweet friend, Heather, invited me to her parents’ farm to go for walk with her, I didn’t hesitate in accepting this gracious invitation.  It was another spectacular Saturday here in Kentucky, and the thought of getting… Read More ›