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Around the Corner

Words are powerful.  I have been fascinated by words in both their spoken and written form since I was a little girl, which may explain my love of reading and gabbing.  Some words resonate with me immediately and their importance is obvious, and some seemingly insignificant words take on a greater meaning at a later time.  Today, I have found myself reflecting on the wise words of a long-time friend.

Last night, when I needed it the most, as if on cue, my pal, Dawn, reached out to me.  Dawn always has a way of cheering me up and cutting through the negativity with her sound advice, and last night was no exception.  Her final message to me was one that has been reverberating in my head and heart today, and I will not soon forget it, if ever.

Her parting comment to me was simply, “Definitely keep being brave as you never know when everything you hope for is right around the corner!”  When I first read it, tears sprang to my eyes, as its sweet sentiment touched me deeply, and as I continued to think about it throughout the day, this message became even more meaningful to me.  Sometimes, I feel like the past haunts me, while the future the taunts me, leaving the present in a kind of purgatory.  Dawn’s message reminded me that hope springs eternal and that my current feelings and situation are not permanent.  Thanks to my Pal, I am bravely looking around yet another corner.

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  1. Hey Kristi 🙂 I’m loving reading your blog at the moment, so I’ve nominated you for The Lovely Blog Award! Details are on my blog

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