Down on the Farm

Mountain and Forest

Natural Healing

Yesterday morning, when my sweet friend, Heather, invited me to her parents’ farm to go for walk with her, I didn’t hesitate in accepting this gracious invitation.  It was another spectacular Saturday here in Kentucky, and the thought of getting to spend time in the company of such a dear friend on a lovely day immediately made my lagging spirits soar.  So, off I went.

As Heather and I set out on our walk, we quickly lost ourselves in the easy conversation that occurs between two friends whose paths diverged along the way, only to come together again at just the right time.  We have discovered some of the common threads that bind us, and those discoveries are ones that I cherish.  For in a culture that often celebrates a sensationalized version of reality, it is a true  gift to be able to be genuine with another living soul.

The backdrop to our long walk was quintessential Kentucky-lush farmland, rolling hills, white fences framing miles of fields with beautiful horses, and creeks that slowly wind their way to the mighty Ohio River.  While not a religious person per se, this is what I refer to as God’s country, and with every mile under our feet and every word spoken, and those unspoken, I felt the residual anxiety and sadness melt into swirls of pure peace and joy.

I left the farm with homegrown tomatoes and cucumbers, aching muscles, a huge smile on my face, a happy heart, and a content baby soul.  As I drove home along my beloved River Road, for just a moment, life was utterly blissful.

That’s another story . . .

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  1. Thanks for taking me along on your walk. Sounds like Lexington to me. I loved to drive those roads when we lived in Louisville.


  2. Glad you had such a great day….I had a very similar experience at Bernheim Forrest yesterday. Nature is very healing….


    • Thanks, Sheila, and I am so glad that you were able to spend some time in such a gorgeous place, too. I haven’t been to Bernheim Forest in years, and you have inspired me to add that to my places to revisit soon. Nature is definitely a place of healing.


  3. Oh Kristi Jo,…I hadn’t been there in years either! It was incredible….make sure to check out the Sky Bridge!!

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