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I have written many times about the therapeutic drives that I take along River Road, but as I made this familiar drive this evening, it occurred to me that I never have written about the body of water for which this gorgeous stretch of road is aptly named.  The mighty Ohio River flanks one side of the road, and as I caught glimpses of it rushing past my car window, my mind began to wander aimlessly, yet my gaze remained fixed.

Life on the river has a natural ebb and flow to it, and I witness this peaceful existence on my daily commute.  Some days, the water is so still and tranquil that it looks like a solid sheet of glass, and other days, the water is extremely choppy and mysteriously murky.  There are times, too, when the river becomes turbulent and floods River Road, making it impassable and forcing me to take an alternate route.  While I don’t like my comfortable routine being disrupted, it gives me the chance to enjoy other scenic routes off of the beaten path, and I know that it is for my own good to stay away from the flood waters.  Eventually, the flood waters recede, and the river once again flows peacefully between the safe confines of its banks.  It is then that I can return to the safe sanctuary of River Road, and the easy rhythm of river life and my life continue.

The Ohio River may lack the depth and expansiveness of, say, the Atlantic Ocean, or any other ocean for that matter, but I still am intrigued by it and drawn to it.  Even when its waters are littered with debris and mud, I still see the beauty in it and know that its seemingly still waters run deep and its depths have untold treasures and stories.  It is those waters and the winding path of its namesake that heal me and soothe me.

That’s another story . . .



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  1. You summed up my feelings about the Ohio River perfectly!!

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  2. There is something about water that is indeed a healing force!

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  3. I can feel the tranquility as I read what you have written.
    You have captured this feeling and transported me there.
    Wonderful post.

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