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As my birthday winds to a close, I am left feeling completely and utterly overwhelmed in the best possible way, thanks to all of the messages, calls, texts, cards, and gifts from my family and friends near and far.  It has been a rainy day here in Kentucky, but these well wishes have made for one very happy and bright birthday indeed.  After such an emotional week leading up to today, I have appreciated the warmth and love more than I can possibly say.  Usually, such lofty accolades and sweet sentiments ricochet off of my heart like balls hitting Plexiglas, but not today.  Today, they all hit their mark.

All birthdays, not just mine, should be celebrated with as much joy and love as possible, because the day a soul bursts into this world of ours is truly extraordinary, for it changes the world and all of those significantly, even if we are unaware of the impact.  Every single person comes into existence with his/her unique purpose to serve and bliss to follow, and each respective journey impacts countless journeys across the span of a lifetime, regardless of how long or short that may be.  It is mind-blowing to think about how sacred and precious each and every life is, and how we all are connected in both our similarities and differences.  So, while I commemorate another year of being who and what I was born to be, I also cannot help but take notice of everyone who has been part of my life so far and even those people who have yet to enter into my world.

Thank you for making my birthday, and, more importantly, my life all the better for being in it.  Even though I am well into my 40s now, often times, I still feel like the same little girl with the big mouth, yet who still is not heard.  Today was one of those days when I felt heard and loved, and that, to me, is the best possible present.  Thank you from the bottom of my big heart, and here’s to each of you for being a special presence in this world, especially my own!

That’s another story . . .


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4 replies

  1. Sorry I missed your birthday,,,,sounds like you are very loved my dear! Sounds like it was grand….


  2. I so happy for you that you had such a fantastic day.


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