Happy Birthday to Me


The Best Is Yet To Be Quote

Another Year

I am only minutes into being another year older, and I find myself both looking back and looking ahead.  As I reflect on the year that just ended, I am in awe of how much has changed since my last birthday and also how much has remained the same.  Last year was filled with unexpected opportunities and blessings and unimaginable heartache and challenges, and in the end, I am right where I am supposed to be, even though I am not necessarily where I want to be.  While it may be the end of a year, it is not the end.  There is still so much more for me to say, do, feel, and experience, so, onward I go.

As I anticipate the year ahead, I have written on my heart and baby soul new hopes, dreams, plans, and desires, and I am crazy enough to believe in myself and the universe to make them come to fruition.  I am filled with anticipation, determination, hope, and a bit of fear, and I cannot wait to see what is around the corner.

Wherever this new part of my journey takes me, I will take with me the people, lessons, and experiences that have helped me to become who I am today.  I also will carry with me the two following mottos that have guided me and comforted me over the years:



Joan of Arc Quote on a Winter Landscape

No Fear



That’s another story . . .

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kristi! Mine is coming up on the 31st. I have the same feelings as well. I’m glad im not the only one that feels that way. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Happy Birthday and wishing you all the best for the coming year and all the years ahead.
    Love the quotes, especially the last one.

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    • Elizabeth, thank you so much for the birthday wishes and for continuing on this journey with me! I am filled with a renewed sense of purpose and hope today, and I really do think that something amazing is right around the corner. I just have to be brave enough to keep going until whatever it is reveals itself. Love to you today and every day!


  3. Happy belated birthday, Kristi!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3 I'm so sorry for the late wishes, please forgive me =) I hope you had a fabulous day celebrating you and looking forward to your new year. I love birthdays for those reasons: to see where you're at and where you'd like to keep going to. Best wishes and lots of happiness this year!!!


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