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Last weekend, I celebrated another birthday, and I was the very grateful recipient of many acts of kindness courtesy of my friends and family.  Of all the presents and kind gestures, though, one stood out among the rest.  What made it memorable and special had nothing to do with the gift itself, but it has everything to do with the gift bearer himself.

James used to be a guest at the day shelter for homeless men where I am employed, and about eighteen months ago, James received a new lease on life, literally and figuratively, thanks to a permanent supportive housing program run by another homeless service provider in our community.  In addition to having keys to his own apartment, James also has the keys to a special place I hold for him and all our of current guests and former guests in my heart.  What he did…

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  1. Hi, Kristi! Happy belated birthday, lovely!!! <3<3 What a sweet and generous gift you received. Thanks for sharing that story. I love hearing stories like this as it always reminds me that the smallest gestures can mean a whole lot. ❤


  2. I am glad that you enjoyed your day 🙂


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