Man’s (and Woman’s) Best Friend

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Paw and Human Shake Hands Photo Credit: Pinterest

For just a moment, think about a time when you felt loved and accepted unconditionally.  A time when you felt wanted and needed.  A time when you felt like you mattered in this world to another living being.  As you reflected on these moments, who was it that made you feel unconditionally loved and accepted, wanted, needed, and like you mattered?  A parent?  A spouse or partner?  A child?  A friend?  A pet?

For roughly 5-10% of the estimated 640,000+ people who are homeless in the United States, the living being who provides all of the aforementioned things and much more is their best friend and loyal companion-their pet.  Pets provide what some people cannot or will not offer to others, especially those who are homeless, who are often harshly judged, shunned, and ignored.  Pets freely offer companionship, love, acceptance, joy, security, etc. to those who need it…

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