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Mark Twain Quote About Kindness Photo Credit: Pinterest

Recently, the executive director at the day shelter for homeless men where I work posted the following story on the shelter’s Facebook page:

Chris is small in stature, but he’s scrappy. He “sleeps out” rather than staying in overnight shelters. He keeps to himself.

Kenneth is elderly and frail, functionally blind….and chatty. He prefers the safety of a shelter bed but can’t always get one.

Very early Saturday morning, Kenneth walked into the day shelter with Chris’ help. They hadn’t met before, but Kenneth was trying to navigate  his way here, when Chris asked if he needed help. “I’m headed there, too. I’ll help you.”

When donuts arrived, Chris offered to go through the line and get one for Kenneth, along with coffee. He helped him get to and from the men’s room and generally offered his assistance all day.

I told Chris how much I appreciated his help…

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