2014 Homestretch

Quote About How Much Changes in a Year

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Not only is today a new day and a new month, but it also is the start of the last two months of 2014.  If you know anything about me, you know that while I eschew the holidays in general, I absolutely become giddy with excitement when it comes to the New Year and all of the opportunities, hopes, dreams, goals, and intentions that await me.  Usually, I embrace Thanksgiving, then white knuckle it until New Year’s Eve, when I feel like I can exhale after the Christmas hustle and bustle.  Today, though, feels different.

No, I have not drunk from the Christmas Kool Aid, but I also am not wishing away these next sixty days like I usually do.  Instead of hitting fast forward and phoning it in the rest of the year, I am hitting play and looking at ways to build on the successes and joys of the present year and stay present in the moment, which can be so much easier said than done.  It is really easy to future trip and pin your happiness on things that have not, and may not, happen and to think that the future is the proverbial greener grass on the other side of the past and the present.  Maybe, you will be happier down the road and that your best days are ahead of you.  Maybe not, though, as I was painfully reminded by the recent death of my friend’s twenty year old son.  The future is not guaranteed for anyone, so, you have to make today count.

As I look toward to 2015, I still am focused on my 2014 goals and intentions, some of which I have reached and some of which are well within reach.  I don’t want to end this year with a whimper and go limping into the next year.  I want to end it on a high note and hit the ground running with wild abandon.  In order to welcome the new year with an open heart and mind, I need to be mindful of my daily practices that can mean the difference between every day being an exciting beginning or a terrible ending.

So, even though New Year’s Day remains one of my favorite holidays, I happen to be enjoying this ordinarily extraordinary Saturday, November 1 rather a lot, and I look forward what the rest of the days in 2014 will offer to me.  Whatever awaits me, I am ready.

That’s another story . . .

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  1. This year has gone by super fast!!


  2. Are you on Twitter? Let’s connect ❤ @rookienotes


  3. Maybe I should try to enjoy the holidays rather than ensure them this year 🙂


  4. Reblogged this on quirrk and commented:
    ….I want to end it on a high note and hit the ground running in wild abandon.


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