The Boob Job

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Many people have that one person in their life who is different from everyone else.  Sometimes, what sets this person apart is positive.  Sometimes, it is negative.  Sometimes, it is just humorous.

Irregardless of the hopes and dreams you have for yourself, sometimes, someone will come along to offer a different perspective.  This was the case this morning, when my go to person and I were talking about my professional goals, and he made a comment that only he could get away with, as I knew it was said with no offense or disrespect meant.  As we talked, he suggested, “You should forget about this blogging bullshit and become a boob model.”  As interesting as his suggestion was, I am not going to quit my day job and will continue to pursue by dream job, leaving him to be the real boob in this scenario . . .

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  1. Oh the fun of the English language!

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  2. You are just cracking e up….LoL


  3. Gotta love men and their humorous comments…

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  4. You have earned a follower because the joke ( it was kind of a joke right? Right?) your friend made. Hilarious.

    But what is a boob model anyway?

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  5. That’s almost as funny as me telling a co-worker she’d earn more money as the voice on the other end of a phone sex line. lol
    She saw past what I said and laughed.


  6. I ran through your entire blog to find this joke. Because that’s how I know your blog. Because of this lovely joke 🙂

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