Follow Your What?!

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Another day off of work provided me with the opportunity to engage in another phone conversation with my go to person on his morning commute to work, and as usual, our conversation covered a myriad of topics, including movies.

Irregardless of how well I know him, he never ceases to amaze me with his comments, and today was no different.  For some reason, the conversation turned to the film, “The Bridges of Madison County”, and as I recalled the intense scene that shows Meryl Streep’s character grappling with whether or not to remain with her husband or bolt from the pick-up truck to be with her lover, I remarked that I surprisingly found myself screaming internally, “Get out of the car and run!”   To which my friend, in all of his sensitive and romantic glory, responded, “Yes, follow your heart.  Follow your vagina.  Whatever.  Just follow one of them!”  And scene . . .

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  1. Your friend sounds like a hoot and very honest,,,,good traits!!

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  2. ROFL…. 😀

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  3. Oh that’s funny but oh so true. I don’t think it was her heart she was thinking of following.

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