Day Thirteen: 30 Days of Gratitude

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Dieter F. Uchtdorf Quote About Gratitude Photo Credit: Pinterest

Thirteen proved to be anything but unlucky today.  It was not an extraordinary day per se, but it was a good day overall, and that was more than enough.  These are three of the things that added to today’s goodness and that gave me reason to be grateful:

  1. Heat.  With temperatures hovering around the freezing mark from sunrise to sunset, I was very grateful for being able to stay warm throughout the day.  I woke up in a warm home, made my commute to and from work in a car with a heater and heated seats, and worked in an office that was made even more comfortable with a space heater.  During my brief forays outside, I barely felt the cold thanks to warm clothes, a winter coat, and toasty boots.  All of these things are easy to take for granted, but working in a day shelter for homeless men makes me…

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