Day Twenty-One: 30 Days of Gratitude

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Gratitude Quote with an Arrow Photo Credit: Pinterest

In the blackjack, twenty-one is the perfect number.  While this twenty-first day may not have been perfect, it still left me feeling like a winner.  Here are three things that filled my heart with gratitude:

  1. Annual Thanksgiving feast.  This morning, the men in our permanent supportive housing programs gathered together to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast prepared and served by volunteers from Humana.  I was so grateful to be part of this annual gathering of these men who were once homeless, and the highlight was hearing them each say one thing that they were grateful for this year.  One of the my favorite quotes came from Kenneth, a man who truly defied the odds by both overcoming homelessness and the diagnosis of a terminal illness nearly four years ago.  He was the last person to share what he was thankful for, and my eyes filled with tears when he…

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