Day Twenty-Three: 30 Days of Gratitude

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Tony Gaskins Quote About Feeling Thankful and Content Photo Credit: Pinterest

Day twenty-three has been a slow and lazy one for me, but I could not feel any more content or grateful than I do right now.  Here are three of the things that made me feel thankful on this Sunday:

  1. Having nothing to do.  Let me rephrase that, I always have something to do, but today, I put aside my never-ending list of tasks to do nothing.  It is rare that I have nothing on my schedule, and it is really difficult for me to not be in a constant state of activity.  So, even though, I had pangs of guilt, as I indulged in reading, napping, and watching television alone at home today, I am glad that I didn’t cave in to the internal task master who tried to lure me out of relaxation mode.  Sometimes, doing absolutely nothing really is something!
  2. A rainy Sunday at…

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