Day Thirty: 30 Days of Gratitude

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Well, folks, here we are.  It is the final day in this thirty days of gratitude series, but it definitely is not he end of my daily gratitude practice.  This past month has reminded me that no matter how a day unfolds, what I choose to focus on determines how well the day will go.  I have learned that even on days that find me struggling a little or a lot, the moment I look for something to be grateful for, the situation improves, sometimes in small ways, sometimes in big ways.  The point being that gratitude really does have the power to change everything, if only I allow it to emerge.  With that, I give you the final gratitude list in this series:

  1. Spring like temperatures.  It may be the last day of November, but it felt like the first day of spring here in Kentucky. …

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  1. Enjoyed the daily gratitude very much and feel exactly as you do. It’s the “believing” it and the “living” it that can be tough, but words to live by for sure. :-).

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