On the First Day of December . . .

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Upon the completion of last month’s thirty days of gratitude series, which seems like only yesterday, because it was only yesterday, I decided to do another series for the month of December.  However, as I contemplated what to write, two issues kept popping into my head, creating a not so festive case of writer’s block.  So, I thought that I would begin by sharing the two issues that linger, as a disclaimer of sorts.

The first issue is one that I finally owned up to a few years ago.  Despite years of fa-la-la-ing and ho-ho-ho-ing, I actually dislike Christmas.  To be more accurate, I dislike the over commercialized, shop-until-drop, high-octane holiday that Christmas has become, as it usually leaves me stressed out and frazzled, despite taking steps to simplify it.  I don’t begrudge anyone else who chooses to deck the halls with boughs of holly and don…

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