On the Ninth Day of December . . .

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Steve Maraboli Self-Care Quote Over a Heart Photo Credit: Pinterest

This ninth day of December found me giving the gift of good health to myself.  For the past few weeks, as the hustle and bustle of the holidays collided with my already full personal and professional lives, instead of putting an elf on the shelf, I put my health on the shelf.  Each day that I skipped exercising and made less than healthy food choices, I told myself that I would get back on track tomorrow, but tomorrow never came.  Until today.

Yesterday, when I found myself justifying skipping taking my daily dose of vitamins and supplements because I was “too busy”, my excuses crumbled like a cupcake.  Seriously, who is that busy?!  So, last night, I mapped out a plan to regain control of my health, and I committed myself to the plan at hand.  I went to bed feeling determined, but I woke up feeling so…

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