On the Eleventh Day of December . . .

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Desmond Tutu Quote About Kindness Photo Credit: Pinterest

After experiencing some technical difficulties this evening, I proved triumphant and am happy and relieved to be able to share another example of the true spirit of giving this season.  I experienced such a simple moment of kindness this afternoon, courtesy of a stranger in the parking lot of a local charitable organization.  This encounter proved once again that kindness can be found in the most unlikely of places, thanks to the most unlikely of people.

As I exited my car to head across the parking lot to a meeting, I noticed an older gentlemen nearby who was struggling to balance about half a dozen packages of dinner rolls.  I didn’t recognize him, but I recognized the plastic shopping bags, somewhat mismatched, rumpled clothing, and well-worn shoes that often are telltale signs of homelessness.  As I walked toward him, our eyes met, and we exchanged smiles, as I asked if…

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