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If you have been following this blog over the past six weeks or so, you have read several posts about my friend Dina’s twenty year old son, Tyler, who died on Halloween in a house fire.  Since that tragic day, I have been absolutely amazed by the graciousness, kindness, and compassion that have been displayed by my beautiful friend and her family and friends.  Today, my friend’s mother shared another touching story of kindness on Facebook, and with her permission, I am honored to share it here:

“Nicole had three of Tyler’s best friends at her Christmas concert Thursday night. Tyler would be so proud of his friends for being there for his little Coco, and so are we! You hear all about what’s wrong with the young people today, but you never hear about all the amazing ways they look out for their friends. There would have…

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  1. It is the most precious thing we can offer. Not our words, but our silent caring presence says far more than opening our mouths and uttering something stupid.

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