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Names of Sandy Hook Elementary Victims Photo Credit: Pinterest

Two years ago today, twenty-six people, twenty of them children, were killed by a lone gunman at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  It was a tragedy that captivated a nation, as we all tried to come to grips with how was it possible that this unassuming elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut had become the latest backdrop for school violence.  Even two years later, there are more questions than answers, as there really is no way to make sense of something so horrifically senseless.

In the days after the tragedy, though, there was a collective national effort to make sure that those who died did not die in vain and that something good come out of something so very bad.  Nothing could bring back the twenty-six people who were killed, but something could make sure that love triumphed over evil.  And so began the practice of performing random acts…

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  1. If it calls attention mental illnesss, and the difficulty in get a child diagnosed and service we just might stop this! As a mental Heath professional I’m appalled in the post mortems of the shootings how many gearing signs of e problem were missed!

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