On the Twenty-Third Day of December . . .

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This twenty-third day of December has left me physically and emotionally ill, making it difficult to focus on the goodness and light of this month and on writing this post.  So, please, accept my apologies for what I fear will not be one of my better written pieces.  Just like a gift, though, it’s the thought that counts right?!

Today found me not feeling physically well thanks to either a stomach virus and/or a flare up of my ulcerative colitis, with the upside being not having an appetite curbed my cravings for sugary holiday treats.  That said, I also am worried about being able to attend my family’s traditional Christmas Eve gathering and then being able to report to work at the day shelter for homeless men on Christmas Day. So fingers, and everything else, crossed that I make a speedy recovery.

The emotional unrest was courtesy…

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  1. It has been my lot to endure too many pains to make light of others!

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