On the Twenty-Fifth Day of December . . .

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Wooden Plaque Photo Credit: Pinterest

This Christmas Day may go down as one of my favorite ones ever.  It has nothing to do with the gifts I gave or the gifts I received, but it has everything to do with who was present in body and who was present in spirit.  It wasn’t a white Christmas, but it was the right Christmas indeed, as it was all about family, friends, and relaxation.

Our day began with our family of four, my ex-husband, our two daughters, and me, gathered around the Christmas tree in my home to open presents together.  This is exactly how my daughters have spent every Christmas, and the fact that this tradition has continued even after my ex-husband and I divorced three years ago is a true gift for all of us.  There is nothing awkward or tense about it at all, and we had a lovely morning together.


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