Let It Unfold

End of the Year Quote

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The Christmas season may be touted as the most wonderful time of the year, but for me, the transition from the current year to the new year is the best time of all.  New Year’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, for the new promises it brings and the collective celebration of it throughout the world.  It feels like everyone is on the same page, at least for one day, in radiating feelings of hope and positivity, and I usually find myself caught up in a whirlwind of excitement and anticipation.  Except for this year.

While I definitely am looking forward to the arrival of 2015, this morning, I found myself feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by both the departure of 2014 and the arrival of 2015.  As I reflected on the past year and planned for the next year, I sought out advice and information about ways to improve every aspect of my life in the year to come.  It started out innocently enough, as I skimmed self-help articles offered up on social media, but the more I read about how to be happier, healthier, stronger, better, and every other “er” in 2015, the more I started to feel like I had been living my life all wrong and wondered how I had managed to make it this far being so far from perfect.

In the midst of my resolution making frenzy, I stumbled across what I now am embracing as my 2015 theme.  This gentle reminder came to me in the form of a touchstone given to me by my beautiful friend, Laura . . .

Let It Unfold on a Triangular Rock

Photo Credit: Kristi Jo Jedlicki

As soon as I saw this simple, yet powerful, message, I smiled slightly and exhaled deeply.  This rock created positive ripples in my addled psyche and brought me back to reality.  I was reminded that making resolutions, setting intentions, and having plans are all fine and good, but in the end, I need to let go of perfection and just let everything unfold.  When I looked back on the positive, negative, and neutral events of the past year and everyone who has come in and out of my life, I realized that life really does unfold at its own pace, in its own time, and in its own way, despite my desire to control or manipulate it.

So, while I did manage to devise a focused list of resolutions to guide me in 2015, I also will keep this touchstone close at hand to remind me that life is unfolding exactly as it should and that this is going to be an amazing year, flaws and all.  Happy New Year!

That’s another story. . .



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6 replies

  1. This is really good advice! Thank you for sharing. I love your blog. Xoxo

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  2. This is fantastic advice and is so appropriate for me this year.

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  3. I think that if we followed every single bit of advice offered by self-help gurus and the like, we would become exhausted and very confused. I think “Let it Unfold” is very wise advice indeed.

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