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I have kept gratitude journals on and off for well over two decades, and several years ago, I introduced the concept of keeping a gratitude to my two daughters.  I began the introduction by taking them to a local store and letting them choose a journal of their own, which they excitedly, and painstakingly, did.  With journals in hand, I set about explaining the importance of being grateful for the people, places, and things that fill our lives and to look for all the good that life has to offer.  It was a concept that, as innocent and loving children, they easily and readily embraced, so, we began to gather together at the end of each day to share at least five thing that we were grateful for.

Over the years, we gradually got “too busy” for this practice, but with the new year upon us, the…

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  1. You know that i think that you are a very wise lady. What a wonderful idea. May I borrow it please?

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