Cold Day, Warm Heart

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Quote About Cold Days and Warm Hearts in Black and White Photo Credit: Pinterest

As Kentucky took the involuntary arctic plunge today, I found my heart warmed by a number of acts of kindness:

  • This morning, I learned of the unexpected death of my beloved ninety-five year old grandmother.  I was at work when my mom called to break the news to me, and the kindness and sympathy from my colleagues and the kind messages and texts from my family and friends got me through the day until I could return home to my daughters, one who shares my grandmother’s first name and one who shares her middle name.
  • When I arrived home, I was surprised and grateful that an anonymous neighbor braved the cold to put away my recycling bin and garbage can that had been set out this morning for pick up.  It was something small that left a big impression on me.  Thanks, neighbor!
  • Jenny from KIND Healthy Snacks sent me…

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