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This morning, Kentuckians awoke to temperatures barely above zero, with the whipping wind making it feel like it was below zero.  It was definitely one of those mornings when all I wanted to do was stay warm and cozy in bed all dday, but I had children to get to school and a job to do.  So, I pried the flannel sheets off of me and began my day, albeit reluctantly.

One of the ways I like to start my day is to treat myself to a cup of tea, specifically, a venti Tazo Zen Green Tea from Starbucks.  Well, that was my go-to-drink until the recent Teavana takeover, so, now, I order a venti Emperor’s Cloud Green Tea, which doesn’t sound quite as positive and peaceful as my former order.  But I digress.

After I placed my order at the drive through window and awaited my steaming…

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